Amy Thompson | Plastic Analogue

Ever since I saw Amy Thompsons Plastic Analogue collection online it has been playing at the back of my mind popping back into consciousness every so often.

As with the rest of the hig street devotees I am loving a bit of the sci fi shoulders that are everywhere but I am really seeking out something truly a bit different. Plastic Analogue is, in my eyes, different; futuristic plastic body panelling over vivid silk leggings and body con tunics. I really love that the plastic panelling although sharp in structure and construction is soft in colour and appears almost satin like….

Less of my rambles, here is what the designer had to say about it:

Flat pack construction techniques create an alternative and unique method of manipulating exaggerated armour inspired polypropylene structures into contemporary interlocking garments and accessories, whilst sections of specially designed lenticular lenses are used to provide visually hypnotic and oscillating patterns that spin and change colour according to which angle the garment is viewed at. Underneath the sculpted pieces, abstract body mapping patterns and computer avatars create quirky textile prints that are digitally printed onto bodywear pieces and voluminous silk dresses that represent the skeletal human body, vulnerable and in need of protection. The strength and protection provided by the strong lines and pronounced contours of the body encasing outer-garments are contradicted by their translucent qualities and therefore become merely an illusion of security.

Complicated stuff… but with amazing results! An refreshing change to the liuid leggings and shoulder padded shoulders of the high street.







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