Happy New Year to all!

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me!

I hope you all had very successful sales hunting, overall I wasn’t too bothered by the sales. However, I have to say Topshop was a wee treasure trove of bargains- I managed to snaffle a lovely gold cracked leather clutch and a chiffon top with a wee spooky pattern on it for a measley £26. If I had more pennies to spare I would have been buying the Christopher Kane dresses which were vastly reduced but I had no pennies so I didn’t. Blub. River Island also looked like they had a good sale, although my perpetual festive hangover couldn’t handle the sheer madness going on in the high street store but I did manage to go to the website and pick me up a wee tartan coat which will go very nicely with the oxford brogues my boyfriend got me for Christmas.

Now if only the snow will go away so I can actually get out the house in something other than Ugg boots and a ski jacket!


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