The bodysuit

As much as I have tried to ignore it the body suit is back and it is probably going to be with us for a while. At first I was somewhat timid about trying one on, memories of a child running around with a permenant vpl or even worse poppers popping open halfway through class assembly holding me back, but last weekend I went on a monster trail around the shops and found myself in Topshop trying on every body they seemed to stock.

My general conclusion is that body suits when worn a size above (in my personal opinion) can be incredibly comfortable, paler colours and the lace varieties are not very forgiving on lumps and bumps neither do they leave anything to the imagination if you are ample bossomed such as myself and unfortunately due to the snug fit I found it almost impossible to find a flattering strapless number- purely on the basis that I am yet to find a fully supportive strapless bra that DOES actually support larger boobs and it all just headed south. Admittedly it was somewhat tedious trying to put the poppers together whilst drunk and yes one of my friends has told me that her poppers started to unpop just as she was leaving a very important meeting at work but avoid being very drunk and always buy big and you should avoid such sticky situations I’m sure. Good points of the body, however, were that you never have to worry about back flashing- which I hate – and if wearing something loose on the bottom it is the most flattering accompanyment. I am also finding it very easy to wear my bodies both at work during the day then dressed up at night which in my eyes is the sign of a truly excellent piece of clothing!

Here are some of the best bodies going around:

best body suits
From left to right; Lace print body, Acne; navy long sleeved body, Splendid @ Net a Porter; striped body, Miss Selfridge; polka dots body, New Look; Peach body, Topshop; and lace body, Warehouse.

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