Native roots

Knitted Tassle Crop from Topshop, reminds me that summer is on the way and that eventually this cold weather will stop!

There is a certain ‘native’ element to it- is native the right word to use, not sure what’s PC these days! Anyway, I really enjoy the beading, feathers and fringing commonly seen in the stereotypical images of the Native Americans.

Looking at these pictures it is very easy to see how fashion designers have been inspired by the traditional clothing of native Americans and will continue to be. For me I haven’t really delved too much into the typical native inspired fashions which often pop up every fesitval season but as summer is approaching and I have taken a sudden interest in my heritage, coincidently Cherokee blood runs in my family tree, I am feeling drawn to heavily beaded accessories, woven materials and bold designs.

LA Native Flying Eart HeadbandLA Native Flying Easrt Headband

Fiona Paxton jazzy long necklaceFiona Paxton Long Necklace at Asos

Both items Disney Couture at Spoiled Brat.

Fringed Earrings from Fantasy Beader on Etsy

Bone Earrings by Organic Love on Etsy

Tassel Necklace by Spelldesigns on Etsy


One response to “Native roots

  1. I love this concept!! That vest at the top…must have now!!!!!


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