Vans Spring 2010

I’ve always been more of a Converse girls than a Vans girl, I do like the slip on’s and as a student I remember watching the OC and wanting a pair after seeing Marissa walking around looking all cool, boho and anorexic.

Anyway, I never bought a pair and now having a 9 to 5 the need for a pair has gone down considerably more. However, having just had a browse through the Vans website it has been brought to my attention that there is much, oh so much more to Vans than just little slip on trainers.

The Spring 2010 girls collections features jelly shoes, vintage style saddle shoes and cute hippy-esque dresses… perfect for the delightfully exciting summer that I intend to have this year! View the collection at the Vans website.


3 responses to “Vans Spring 2010

  1. I absolutely love your site!!!!

  2. Ooh I like those black and white oxford-looking shoes.

  3. The black ones in the last pic are pretty awesome
    Rianna xxx

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