Cliggidy Clog

There comes a time in every girl/womans life when they contemplate whether investing in a pair of clogs is a wise decision. I mean I still cringe at photos of me as a young child sporting clogs and dungarees, and I was only like 10, god knows how I am going to respond if I see photos of my 24 year old self sporting clogs and… well, possibly dungarees- they seem to be coming back! An official sign that I am getting old, I am seeing a fashion trend second time round. It’ll be a matter of time before I start saying “If only I kept hold of that… Kickers, velvet bomber jacket, Sweater Shop jumper… everytime I open Grazia/Vogue/Elle etc.

Anyways, back to clogs… my only major decision when it comes to clogs is that categorically, unquestionably despise the Louis Vuitton Clog:

Its a shame really because I love Louis Vuitton.. I am just not ready to embrace Clogs, Kitten Heels and Fur all in one shoe just yet. Maybe I’ll grow to love them…

I think the route to clogs will be taken with baby steps, there are lots of really nice style going about. Starting off with this lovely, summery pair from Miss Selfridge:

Then there’s also these pair from Asos, which I really like.

What do you think? To Clog or not to Clog.

Top images from -thanks!


One response to “Cliggidy Clog

  1. The pink heel’s from Asos are very pretty! I would love a pair myslef

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