Heed, move!

Who knew Scotland had so many talented milliners?! I’m a bit obsessed with hats at the moment, well hats and any other decorative items designed to adorn our craniums; and have been doing a bit of a hunt for local shops selling unique designs- I’m thinking Philip Treacy but without the price tag!

Essentially I am looking for a straw hat for during the summer, finding it very difficult given that I have one of the largest heeds in the world – I’m not joking it’s massive, so I can’t wear any styles from Topshop and I even struggle with the mens sizes. I was in TKMaxx at the weekend and trying the mens hats on and, well, the majority of them were too small. In a way it is rubbish but in another weird way it is hilarious as for some reason big heads are a subject of much amusement, one of my favourite movie scenes of all time as to be Mike Myers dad in So I Married An Axe Murderer…

Anyways, along with the straw hat I am looking for a hat to wear to a wedding and looking through the websites of many Scottish Milliners I am not only impressed but thoroughly inspired…

Jacqueline Elizabeth

Sally Anne Proven Millinery Boutique

William Chambers Millinery

Yvette Jelfs


2 responses to “Heed, move!

  1. Mood called Veronica

    Jacqueline Elizabeth’s work is amazing!

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