‘The’ jeans

Sex and the City fans may remember the episode where Miranda, following child birth and 40-whatever amount of years, finally gets back into her skinny jeans; skinny being jeans she wore when she was skinny not the spray on style we all love nowadays.

Well, I think I may have had my ‘skinny jens’ moment. I am not fat nor have I had children, my weight gain is down to plain laziness. Working in an office, no concern for what I am eating and copious amounts of alcohol; slowly took their toll and before I know it I was standing in the Topshop changing rooms trying to squeeze into a pair of size 16(!!) jeans and I couldn’t do it.

As a result of this, I have been dieting and exercising like a trooper to try shift some pounds. The goal, to fit into my 30″ waist jeans I wore when I was 18- my very own ‘skinny jeans’.

Well… the other week I thought I would give them a shot and they fit! I am very excited about this fact and had to share it with whoever would listen.

So, there you have it, cutting out pasta- incorporating more fish and veg into my diet, the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout and pilates.. and I am my former self!

Happy Times.


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