The Stella

Its been a while since I posted, with all the sun and a busy workplace I just haven’t found the time.

I was out at the weekend and finally got the chance to wear my Stella McCartney body suit which I got from The Outnet pre £1 sale. It is a lovely body suit but I can’t wear it by itself which would be the ideal situation but not the best solution for a lady with bigger boobs. This goes for a few lace bodies cluttering up my drawers still looking to be worn, I really must sort out a good solution for such items. Anyway.

I just wore it over a black vest with some harem pants, a Michael Kors  studded belt and Topshop lightening embellished heels… I don’t usually put up pictures but to liven things up here I thought I would… I am also wearing Girls Aloud eye lashes which I have to pass on some warning. If you prefer your eyelashes a tad more natural do not buy the Cheryl Cole ones! I looked a bit like a drag queen and they were a bitch to get on!


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