In search of…

I have taken a sudden interest in wrist corsages, flower ones, ribbon ones.. all types of ones.

This interest comes after a hen party holiday for a very close friend, I was appointed the task of creating something special which we could all wear for a ‘glamarama’ night. Wrist corsages seemed like the easiest and most suitable thing to make for such an event. With the help of Instructables, lots of purple ribbon, fluff and sparkly bits I managed to create 15 wrist corsage for all our hens to wear. Now I wouldn’t wear these out and about but for a hen party I think I did not bad…

Fast forward a week and I am still thinking about wrist corsages. Whilst I opted for quite a traditional looking corsage for the hen party I think that there is room to really have fun with this form of wrist decoration; and I don’t think it has to be limited to the use of flowers. However, I guess it is the use of flowers and ribbons which really differentiates a wrist corsage from a bracelet… confusing.

Felinus on etsy

aaliciawedding on etsy


I am on the look out for more corsage stockist so if anyone knows of designer/stockist please let me know! Thanks!


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