A summer of bare legs

I have very much sickened myself of wearing black and am now embracing summer, whether it wants to be embraced or not.  

I’m talking bare legs here, looking through all my favourite street style blogs I notice that a lot of women, mainly European and American, wear skirts, heels and often bare legs throughout the year – even if its *gasp* raining! In Scotland it is the polar opposite, at the slightest hint of rain we get on the wellies and Uggs, I don’t imagine its because we are less stylish probably more out of exasperation. When it really gets going in Glasgow it can rain for weeks, and not just the rain that gives you a little dusting; Glasgow rain thunders down soaking you to the very core, destroying shoes, umbrellas and the wind will destroy any hope of wearing a skirt. I once heard someone describe the streets of Glasgow during winter as an umbrella graveyard and I couldn’t agree more, following a batch of bad weather the streets are littered with them.

So whilst as much as I want to embrace the summer, I will have to remain realistic. I don’t have the same pleasures as these uber glamorous women, I walk 2 miles home every day, I get blisters from wearing cheap shoes and some times I just can’t be bothered fake tanning my legs the night before. I’m not the only one feeling this way, I recently read Paula Reid from Grazia going on about it as well.

So some sacrifices will have to be made… my visions of cute little cardigans will have to be replaced with a lightweight mac in case of rain, slender high heels will have to scrapped for wedges at a sensible height and every outfit will be accompanied with some form of scarf and umbrella. But one thing will stay, I am determined to get my pins out at least a few times this summer..


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