A masculine affair

Even if I think long and hard I cannot recall ever being at a wedding, in my 24 years of existence, and having seen a woman under the age of 40 wearing a pair of trousers; be it a suit, trousers or shorts… everyone always just wears dresses!

Of course women wearing suits at weddings do happen, very famously, Bianca Jagger wore a beautiful Saville Row white suit to marry Mick Jagger, as did Boris Beckers bride and more recently on the silver screen Carrie worked a tuxedo in the Sex and the City 2 movie. But aside from brides and movies, it’s not something I see all that often.

For me, the key to wearing trousers to a wedding will be to go for quality and avoid anything that looks too work.

Feeling somewhat inspired I had a look to see what trousers/suits I could find which would work for a wedding…


These trousers and jumpsuits are fab but sadly I failed to find a suit that I would consider wedding worthy…

Top to bottom: Jaeger, Reiss, Monsoon, Diane Von Furstenberg,


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