If I could I would

Yippee! The Asos Outlet sale started today. What?! I have no money after spending it on a drunken weekend to Belfast and ridiculously high shoes I can’t walk in therefore cannot afford to buy anything. That sucks.

It was slim pickings for me really, but there were some good bargains to be had and the website was holding up well, unlike the Kurt Geiger website which had a monumental crash with the launch of their summer sale! The website was literally down for 2 days straight! It appears that fashion retailers really do underestimate the popularity of their own brand and the craziness that ensues when expensive stuff gets discounted. These brands promote sales so heavily then fail to prepare for the mob, which quickly can turn into an angry mob, I still haven’t gotten over the monumental fail that was The Outnet’s £1 sale *sob* which I missed out on due to their servers buckling under the weight of sale hungry shoppers. Anyway, Kurt Geiger compensated me with a 20% discount voucher and the Asos sale seems to be running smooth as, so rant over…

Anyway, here is some items which stood out for me:


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