Skulls and bones

In my search for jewellery to wear with the new navy silk jumpsuit I bought to wear to my friends wedding I came across some pretty unusual jewellery which, although not wedding appropriate, I am fascinated with.

From what I read on their Etsy page Moon Raven Design specialise in unique wildlife inspired jewellery.

Some may find these pieces somewhat morbid, but despite their realistic qualities they are all reproductions made from moulds of the original skeletons. I think they are fascinating and somewhat beautiful.


Images top to bottom: Bronze Raven Skull, 3D African Fruit Bat Skull Pendant, and lastly the 3D Bronze Wild Cat Claw Necklace.


One response to “Skulls and bones

  1. This stuff is beautiful! I’d love to get my hands on it! Etsy is life man! Great find

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