Hearting John Lautner

In recent years I have really begun to pay attention to architecture, along with paying attention I have begun to learn a thing or too along the way also.

Whilst I actually know very little about the specifics of architecture – it was only very recently I discovered that a breeze block was in fact just a brick in fact, but I have developed an admiration for many architectures who have the vision, dedication and passion to create jaw dropping buildings that not only look outstanding but are truly functional.

John Lautner happens to be one of my favourite architects, probably a really obvious choice as many of  his building have featured in many Hollywood movies, including A Single Man very recently, and are as Hollywood as Rodeo Drive.

Still looking like something from the future despite being decades old, as relevant as the day they were built, still mad and utterly stylish… these buildings are a treat. If only I could jump a plane to visit them in person.


4 responses to “Hearting John Lautner

  1. I couldnt agree with you more. I came across your article via google alerts on John Lautner and If you get out to LA you should send me an email about visiting the Sheats/Goldstein Residence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheats_Goldstein_Residence).

    I work with the Architect Duncan Nicholson for the owner Jim Goldstein to build additional structures adjacent to the architecturally important house. I can help getting you a tour if you notify me in advance.

    • That’s amazing thanks. Would love to visit and see any of his buildings up close, if I ever find myself in la I will definitely be in touch.

  2. Modernism bordering on the brutalism. i love his stuff. More great stuff on http://www.e-architect.co.uk/

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