Sand or Chelsea??

As the summer of 2010 has finally died a death up in Glasgow thoughts have turned to winter wardrobe, and with the weather going from grim to pouring of rain and grim I have started looking into some ‘sensible’ shoes.

The main options I have been considering are the Sand or Chelsea boot… with so many options available on the high street this isn’t going to be an easy choice. With ‘sensible’ ingrained into my fashion conscious I headed to sensible shoe retailer Clarks whose Sand Boots offer quality, comfort and, surprisingly, a little bit of fashion; the red leather sand boots real stand outs. KG by Kurt Geiger have a really funky pair of ankle boots, Sandbanks, which add a bit of ‘rock and roll’ but I fear the suede material won’t last all that long in the Glasgow rain, similarily the Sevilla Chelsea boot whilst undeniably sexy wouldn’t hold up against the puddles of Kelvingrove Park. I’m not sure I would call the Zara elasticated ankle boots a Chelsea boot, either way it is sensible to the max and I love that it is a very masculine shape which would balance out the girly skirts of summer – worn with thick wooly tights of course. Lastly, there is the Topshop animal print kitten heel chelsea boot, which will look amazing with skinnies and short dresses but I doubt would last walking about for a full winter – but they look so good they are maybe worth just buying them anyway!



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