Youtique by French Connection

In the course of my job I come across some pretty exciting things on the Internet, cool websites, innovative technology and engaging social media… and the like.

Youtique by French Connection is one of those pretty cool things that we were playing about with the other day and I thought it was worth introducing it to you.

Essentially, Youtique is French Connections online YouTube channel that acts as a virtual channel that gives fashion advice and helps us to solve common fashion problems, such as ‘how do I add a bit of glamour to my work wear’ or ‘what do I wear to a hot date’ etc… Fronted by Louise Roe the individual videos run through various different outfits (from French Connection of course) which would be suitable options for the dilemna at hand and then giving you the option to click through the video and purchase the outfit directly from the website.

Pretty nifty little gizmo, and it seemed to have worked pretty well as one of the girls in the office has already snapped up some goods on the basis of these boutique videos.

See for yourself below:


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