Ooh, la, la…

I love lingery, what female doesn’t I suppose. There is nothing more refreshing that slipping on a pair of brand spanking new crisp white pants or more sexy than wearing the sheerest and sexiest of bra’s underneath the most boring of outfits; lingery has such a significant impact on mood, how we hold ourselves and how we feel about ourselves – along with having the correct bra size etc knowing you look good underneath will always make you feel good about you no matter what.

Whilst I tend to opt for sensible, nice, undies I am a fan of elaborate over the top sets which in reality could never be worn under any outfit thus deeming them only suitable for play. The closest I have been to owning such exciting underwear are a lacy Stella McCartney body suit and high waisted lacy underpants which do not make for a comfortable day when sitting in front of a computer all day long.

So, whilst loving the underwear on Glamorous Amorous, I very much doubt I will be actually wearing any of it (also, with one pair of knickers costing £750 alone I very much I could afford all that I loved on the site!!)

This is the type of underwear that needs to be seen on a lithe burlesque dancer hiding behind an ostrich feather fan or on a curvy starlet draped in silk, frou frou slippers and martini in hand…

Strumpet and Pink

Ell & Cee


Fred and Ginger


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