Testing the waters

Have to say I am really shy about posting pictures of myself and my outfits. Not too sure why – I suppose its the potential critisism I am subjecting myself to, I read blogs and I see how cruel people can be. I don’t profess to be a style queen, I just love to nosey at what everyone else is wearing so I thought it was about time I put myself out there too. In a rather constructive way I am always interested to hear how I can improve and make outfits better! 🙂

This was just a quick snap before I headed out. These are three items that have been kicking about my wardrobe for ages and in my head the purple suede boots and khaki green chiffon dress coupled with black shiny leggings just looks lovely. In reality I think it achieve this… captured in photo the boots lose their vibrancy and the harsh living room makes the dress look a bit bleh… obviously if I am continue this photography lark I will have to start getting a bit more adventurous with my settings and perhaps send the boyfriend on a photography course!

Does anyone have any good tips for their fashion pics they would like to share?

Dress, H&M; Leggings, Topshop; Purple Suede Boots, Office


2 responses to “Testing the waters

  1. Those boots are AWESOME, Laura! Love the leggings too. x

  2. You look lovely- I adore the entire outfit, and just wish I had the legs for those leggings myself!
    And don’t worry- the blog trolls are few and far between in reality, most of the community are perfect dolls!
    Looking forward to more outfit pics!

    xxx Maddie

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