NYC baby

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog the past few weeks; not only has it been pelting with snow which has reduced me to going straight from work to the sofa and slanket but I have been in New York.

It was my first time and it was amazing, everything everyone said it would be except much, much colder. I couldn’t believe how cold it was, so cold I ditched my entire suitcase and was reduced to buying very sensible trainers and cosy jackets – walking around in converse’s and tweed did not make for a happy girl. Although I did get the opportunity to wear my newish (handme down from mum) fur collared camel jacket on Thanksgiving evening.

Anyway, along with all the sites I did some shopping, although with the crappy exchange rate and NY being expensive in general I was disappointed that I didn’t snap up more bargains. Hopefully, some of my purchases will feature in the next week or so.

Here’s some cheesy snaps of my time in the Big Apple:


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