The Miu Miu’s

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year… despite my high hopes of a glamorous festive period I spent the majority of my time in bed sweating out the flu – not the least bit fun. Along with being sick as a dog it meant I never got a chance to wear my new Miu Miu’s (pride of my life but which it seems will never be worn).

I bought them in New York and whilst they are very sparkly, or porn star as my boyfriend described them, I love them and they were the icing on what was a magical trip to the Big Apple.


3 responses to “The Miu Miu’s

  1. Lol at your boyfriends comment…those shoes are stunning!!!

  2. just one word: AWESOME !!!!!

  3. Those heels are amazing!!! I hope you’re feeling better from the flu now. I had a horrible tooth infection over NYE which messed up my plans but I still had an enjoyable evening watching rubbish tv with the girls =)

    Hannah xx

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