My Primark wedges

I have been on the hunt for a decent pair of wedge heels for a loooong time. I very recently found a beautiful pair from American Vintage, ordered them in total excitment only to be emailed several days later that they were out of stock – very annoying!

The hunt from there hasn’t gone well, until I went along to the new Primark at the Braehead shopping centre. A couple years ago I had a profound love for Primark but recently I have been struggling to find anything decent and I really cannot stand how busy the Argyll Street store gets on a Saturday so I have been giving it a miss. However, my recent visit almost changed all that, I found what I believe to be a great pair of wedges – tan, laces and they are so comfy! To be honest I was pretty impressed with the selection across the whole store, the knits and maxi skirts are still playing on my mind (may have to go back for them)… think I may have to go back for seconds.

(his and hers…)


One response to “My Primark wedges

  1. Unfortunately I wore ‘his’ to 2manydjs last week so they defo don’t look like that any more! Sigh.
    Been nearly a year since your last post, you need to get back on it!

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