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Marion Cotillard by Craig McDean

Came across these dazzling picture of Marion Cotillard on website Human Resource. Thought I would share them with you all.

Craig McDean.


Nudity descends upon the Golden Globes

No the celebs weren’t running around butt naked, they were running around in the creme de la creme of dresses in all shades of nude!

My favourite had to be Angie with her stunning Versace number, elegant, relaxed but still very glam.

The Golden Globes

It made me want a nude/sand/buff colour dress really bad, but to stop you looking washed out and a bit bleh does it need to be glamarama and structured to make it interesting? At first I thought maybe but then I remembered Sex and the City… as you do… and I remembered the dress Carrie wears for a date with Big (sounds a bit psycho obsessed I know but I am going somewhere with this) anywhoos she wore a simple nude coloured sheath dress which looked very vavavoom, jewellery simple, hair tousled and shoes strappy… very nice.

I doubt I will be going down the barely there dress route instead going for a mix of casual and glam, I just bought a buff coloured jumper from H&M which I really want to wear with a sparkly pink skirt or something??

Quite liking this outfit by Philip Lim, the short hem makes it quite sexy! Saw a similar skirt in H&M when I was purchasing aforementioned buff jumper, must make a return visit- lots of nice things to be snapped up for this spring summer!

Image courtesy of Vogue.

Christmas toons already!

I am sitting in my jammies tappity tapping away at my laptop and a Christmas song came on! Unreal! It is still November isn’t it?!

In all honesty I don’t mind though, it was Bon Jovi and he can sing Christmas songs to me all year round- throw in Cindy Crawford and you’ve got the sexiest Christmas vid ever! Sack Cliff Richard gimme more of the Jovi this Crimbo!

Anyway thought I’d spread the Chrismas *ahem* cheer…

Girl of the moment… Katy Perry.

I wasn’t too sure about Katy Perry initially but I think that I have definatley warmed to her, she is super cute and has a courageous dress sense!

Katy Perry DG party Here she is rocking it out at a party hosted by D&G’, wearing of course D&G!

Isn’t she a betty! A kinda mix between Lilly Allen and Dita Von Teese! I really like her individuality, and for anyone who really admires Dita’s look but doesn’t want to do overboard I think Katy is the perfect example!

She wears a nice mix of vintage clothing, designer rags and high street, which I think could be highly achievable!

Check out Lulu & Red, ASOS and Topshop for playsuits and retro dresses. Don’t be afraid to experiment, go for mega glam 50’s hair with a cute flirty dress one day. Katy seems to be a big fan of corsages, but don’t pay over the odds for one on the high street- nip down to your local garden center and craft one yourself! Make sure you show off your womanly shape, nip in your waist with a colour belt or silk scarf! If you aren’t confident wearing short playsuits then I would recommend sticking on a pair of bright tights, have fun when your dressing, liven things up with a bit of colour I say!

Top image courtesy of Vogue

SATC Dvd launch!

sex adn the city dvd launch sarah jessica parker

Woo Hoo! one last chance for me to go on and on about Sex and the City!! As you no doubt already know, the Sex and the City Movie is released today and to celebrate they threw a party! Woo Hoo!

I sooooo love SJP’s outfit!! More so than any of the outfits she wore to the premiers! I love her new fringe and those shoes! I could have done without Kim Cattrals velvet suit… the velvet and the visible bra is all a bit yuk! Just something isn’t right about it all! I really like Cynthia Nixons outfit, the colour really flatters her skin tone but the bag could have been a bit more wow!

One question though…. where’s Kristen Davis??

Keira Knightley at the Duchess Premier

Keira Knightley Duchess Premier
Keira Knightley premiered her new flick the Duchess last night in this stunning Alexis Mabille couture dress. I feel like I should hate this dress there’s something about it that I can’t put my finger on that doesn’t seem right… however, I don’t hate it, I have grown to love it! I like the colour, the netting, the 80’s vibe but I find her skinniness a little disturbing! Look at how knobbly her knees are! Don’t get me wrong Keira Knightley is stunning but she looks like she’s rattling around in this dress, I just want to feed her a big bowl of soup to get some meat on those knobbly knees of hers!

Over the knee boots, I heart them big time!

For many this picture may be dominated by the rather lovely Fendi bag… for me however it is dominated by the rather stunning pair of suede over the knee boots.
Suede over the knee boots
I really really want a pair, they will be going on the list of my autumn winter must haves. They will be the perfect excuse to dig out all my unwanted leggings that I have abandoned over the past year, and worn with some cute jumper dresses or t-shirts!


I have found a pair! Woo Hoo! Office, £120!
Office Banging Over the Knee BootsI challenge you not to love them!

And how are they supposed to be worn I hear you ask….

Serena Van Der Woodsen Gossip Girl over the knee boots
Kate Moss Over the knee boot

Haydeb Panettier thigh high boots