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Summer time has arrived

At the weekend Glasgow finally got a glimpse of summer. The temperature was in the late teens and it was awesome, the park was hoaching and us scots had the flesh out big time – including myself!

I had the denim shorts on, clubmasters and my vintage beach shirt. Felt like an extra from a Beach Boys video, but in that weather who cares and that shirt just makes me feel so happy I can’t wait to get it out even more over the summer. I’m obviously going a bit mad for retro Hawaiian style prints as I ended up buying a beautiful silk Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Scarf that has actually hula dancers on it!!


Wearing vintage shirt, H&M boyfriend shorts, Zara belt, Swatch watch and Topshop pumps.


Winter warmers

So despite it still being August I am having to dig out the wooly garments already – the joys of living in Glasgow.

I picked up this thick Norwegian cardigan at The Glasgow Vintage Company, and for £14 I cannot the level of quality and detail. I especially loved the intricate metal clasp style fasteners.

Rough Diamond by Topshop

Topshop released a new collection named ‘Rough Diamond’ and whilst it not really anything we haven’t seen in the past year; sheer tights, fur coats, lace and brogues I still really like the collection and thought of the looks they released all of them were particularly wearable.

Out of it all, I have to say, I really liked the leopard print bottoms… which I guess will be next seasons new floral.


Whilst out with friends the other weekend I couldn’t help but take a photo of my friends top.

The geometric silk top paired with the turquoise tribal inspired jewellery had a stunning effect.

Customised Luggage

Wes Anderson film The Darjeeling Limited was on at the weekend, which I watched and was a bit disappointed by. With Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman it had so much potential but for me fell a bit short. One thing, however, I did love about it was the Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton luggage. Of course the luggage is amazing, even more so because within the movie it plays such a significant role.

The collection consisted of many different Louis Vuitton classic styles with safari illustrations by Eric Anderson, whose illustrations can also be seen in other Wes Anderson movies such as The Royal Tennebaums.

Image courtesy of High Snobiety

For some reason the illustrations reminded me of Cath Kidson – perhaps the high street equivalent of having your own illustrated luggage. Whilst not to as high of quality, the Cath Kidson luggage and bags come close to  invoking that same feeling of adventure and exploration of the safari luggage. These days luggage, the bog standard black with wheels numbers, don’t seem to hold the same mystery, sense of adventure or personality of the luggage of yesteryears. Yes, carrying about a trunk or leather suitcase isn’t practical, but in an ideal world where you would have a troop of servants following you around carrying it for you, it would be fabulous.

In the meantime these bags from Cath Kitson can do.

If I could I would

Yippee! The Asos Outlet sale started today. What?! I have no money after spending it on a drunken weekend to Belfast and ridiculously high shoes I can’t walk in therefore cannot afford to buy anything. That sucks.

It was slim pickings for me really, but there were some good bargains to be had and the website was holding up well, unlike the Kurt Geiger website which had a monumental crash with the launch of their summer sale! The website was literally down for 2 days straight! It appears that fashion retailers really do underestimate the popularity of their own brand and the craziness that ensues when expensive stuff gets discounted. These brands promote sales so heavily then fail to prepare for the mob, which quickly can turn into an angry mob, I still haven’t gotten over the monumental fail that was The Outnet’s £1 sale *sob* which I missed out on due to their servers buckling under the weight of sale hungry shoppers. Anyway, Kurt Geiger compensated me with a 20% discount voucher and the Asos sale seems to be running smooth as, so rant over…

Anyway, here is some items which stood out for me:

We’ll meet again

As we creep into summer I am starting to dig out all my summer dresses and came across this beautiful 40s inspired dress.

What I love about it? It’s below the knee hem, making it truly unique when our legs our dominated by either the mini or maxi, the art deco style print and that it can be worn with anything- brogues, sandals and ballet pumps.

Oh… and it was bought from Asda for £5.

Dress from Asda, Socks from Topshop, Brogues from Office.