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Mannequin nails

I have finally got my hands on the holy grail of nail varnishes – the perfect nude! Said to elongate and elegant’ify’ your hands, which is dandy, but I just wanted a low maintenance pretty polish.

Anywhoo, it’s from topshop and it’s called mannequin. Not quite as good quality as my fav’s nails inc or models own but yum colour all the same.


Skulls and bones

In my search for jewellery to wear with the new navy silk jumpsuit I bought to wear to my friends wedding I came across some pretty unusual jewellery which, although not wedding appropriate, I am fascinated with.

From what I read on their Etsy page Moon Raven Design specialise in unique wildlife inspired jewellery.

Some may find these pieces somewhat morbid, but despite their realistic qualities they are all reproductions made from moulds of the original skeletons. I think they are fascinating and somewhat beautiful.


Images top to bottom: Bronze Raven Skull, 3D African Fruit Bat Skull Pendant, and lastly the 3D Bronze Wild Cat Claw Necklace.

Custom Converse by Johanna Basford

I came across Johanna Basford on Twitter (check her out at @johannabasford ), she is an artist and designer specialising in hand drawn illustrations.

Having put her pen to paper for brands such as Brew Dog, Creative Review, Channel 4 and The Sunday Herald Johanna has now customised four pairs of Converse All Stars with her intricate and beautiful penmanship.

All designs are completely original hand drawn by Johanna herself and come complete with a customised Converse box- which in itself is a piece of art! All pairs can be found on Ebay in the Inky All Star Auction.

Louis Vuitton A/W 2010

Oh dear, I have fallen in love with a pair of shoes that I will never in a million years be able to afford.

Parading down the Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2010 catwalk were models that wouldn’t look too out of place on the set of Mad Men, so 50s inspired were their outfits, wearing beautiful block heeled bow adorned pointy shoes… pictures of lucky celebrities wearing said shoes have been popping up all over the place and I am in love.

Image Courtesy of Vogue Blog

Image of Vogue

Image courtesy of


Obsession: Nude

I am obsessed with nude. To be worn in multiple materials and textures; wool and sequins mixed with gold jewels are my current favourite.

In search of…

I have taken a sudden interest in wrist corsages, flower ones, ribbon ones.. all types of ones.

This interest comes after a hen party holiday for a very close friend, I was appointed the task of creating something special which we could all wear for a ‘glamarama’ night. Wrist corsages seemed like the easiest and most suitable thing to make for such an event. With the help of Instructables, lots of purple ribbon, fluff and sparkly bits I managed to create 15 wrist corsage for all our hens to wear. Now I wouldn’t wear these out and about but for a hen party I think I did not bad…

Fast forward a week and I am still thinking about wrist corsages. Whilst I opted for quite a traditional looking corsage for the hen party I think that there is room to really have fun with this form of wrist decoration; and I don’t think it has to be limited to the use of flowers. However, I guess it is the use of flowers and ribbons which really differentiates a wrist corsage from a bracelet… confusing.

Felinus on etsy

aaliciawedding on etsy


I am on the look out for more corsage stockist so if anyone knows of designer/stockist please let me know! Thanks!

Leopard spots & lightening bolts

Nails, nails and more nails… Just back from a hen party in Benidorm and feeling sorry for myself so I thought I would upload images of the nails I did for  friend before i left .

It was for her birthday and she was wearing a beautiful cream lace dress… the gold leopard contrasted with this nicely I think- unfort I have no pics of the dress.