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Happy Smiley Faces

A wee little email dropped into my inbox this week telling me all about a super fun fashion brand the Smiley Company.  

As the name suggests Smiley Company features a lot of smiley faces! Why the smiley face, well, in the 70’s French newspapers used to put the smiley face next to good news. So the designer bought the rights to this and has since been promoting a sense of positivity through his work. We are told that he believes a simple smile is the greatest way to emotionally connect with people. Very sweet.

Having had a proper look on the Smiley Company website I have to admit that it is proper cool, designs range from geek chic smiley cashmere jumpers to the almost grungy embelleshed tees in the Delux range, even jewellery designed for Disaya.



A Saturday of shopping

Despite suffering from the mother of all hangovers I managed to crawl out of my bed and go shopping – with the aid of Solpadeine Extra and a Big Mac meal, which somewhat explains my somewhat glaikit expression!

It’s been a beautiful few days in Glasgow and actually quite warm, not quite bare leg weather but there was definately no need for the scarf and gloves that have become a staple of the wardrobe the past two weeks. I decided to wear my Forever 21 skirt I got in New York, which did me good over the festive period – it is surpringly versatile and fast becoming a favourite of mine. I paired it with my Tommy Denim waxed denim jacket, some gold chains and an Urban Outfitter clutch; perfect attire for a day spent mooching about the shops.

Monday flares

So I road tested a pair of Zara denim flares I had kicking about my drawers to work today… I’m not entirely convinced to be honest.

They weren’t that easy to wear; along with being super long thus demanding my highest heel, they kinda went pointed at the foot rather than being wide and then there’s the moment wear rushing to stand up you get slightly tangled up in the denim and almost topple over.

Despite not ‘feeling it’ entirely I did enjoy being a little Bay City Rocker for the day nonetheless.

If anyone has any flare related advice please do share…

My summer shirt

It’s got to that point in the year where I am desperate for a bit of warmth and craving the sun on my skin. Last Monday I couldn’t believe it, not only was it snowing in Glasgow but the Glee Christmas special was on!

This unrest is my only explanation for the purchase of what is essentially a Hawaiian shirt from Rokit London. Who knew SAD (Seasonal affected disorder) has such an impact upon my shopping?! Either way teamed with my new Ray Ban Clubmasters and a pair of denim shorts it is gonna look the bee’s knee’s come summer time, if not at least it will make me smile if not anyone else!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

My Primark wedges

I have been on the hunt for a decent pair of wedge heels for a loooong time. I very recently found a beautiful pair from American Vintage, ordered them in total excitment only to be emailed several days later that they were out of stock – very annoying!

The hunt from there hasn’t gone well, until I went along to the new Primark at the Braehead shopping centre. A couple years ago I had a profound love for Primark but recently I have been struggling to find anything decent and I really cannot stand how busy the Argyll Street store gets on a Saturday so I have been giving it a miss. However, my recent visit almost changed all that, I found what I believe to be a great pair of wedges – tan, laces and they are so comfy! To be honest I was pretty impressed with the selection across the whole store, the knits and maxi skirts are still playing on my mind (may have to go back for them)… think I may have to go back for seconds.

(his and hers…)

Almost there

I am allowing spring to slowly creep into my wardrobe in the shape and colour of turquoise. I had a good root around my jewellery box this morning and unearthed a silver and turquoise tribal style necklace I bought at the end of summer last year. Thrown on over a plain tee it was the perfect antedote for a boring Tuesday. I am really looking forward to wearing it with my bright summer dresses…

Topshop have got some really nice pieces that I have my eye on as well…

All available from Freedom at Topshop

GSA fashion week

It’s got to that time of year when the fashion shows are in full show and whilst LFW takes centre stage the student and graduate shows deserves as equal amount of attention and praise.

None more so that the Glasgow School of Art who will be showing their annual Fashion Show on the 8th and 9th of March. The show has been
an eagerly anticipated event in Glasgow’s calendar for over 70 years. However
the 2011 show is unique as it is the last ever to take place at the Vic Bar – one of
Glasgow’s best loved venues which is set to close its doors in June.

In tribute, the Third Year Textile Design students will create capsule collections
inspired by the Newbery Tower, home to Textiles since the 1970’s and also a
wealth of information from the fantastic GSA archives. Working within their
chosen specialism of print, knit, weave or embroidery each student will create
not only the garments but the textiles they are made from. These three-piece
collections will display a wide range of influences from Chinese kimonos to
Glasgow style embroidery and the condemned Newbery Tower itself. Each
Second Year student will also contribute a garment to the show. In addition,
there will be a chance to purchase items designed by the students in the Fashion
Show Boutique before and after the shows.

The show is organized and produced collectively by the Third Year students
who hope to raise enough money to present their final degree collection at ‘New
Designers’ graduate event in London 2012. The prestigious textiles programme
at The Glasgow School of Art has a long heritage and has produced some
outstanding talent such as Jonathon Saunders, Louise Grey, Bebaroque and
Timorous Beasties.

To coincide with the show, an exhibition of the First Year fashion and textiles
students’ work will be held in GSA’s Atrium Gallery from the 8th to the 13th of

The Fashion Show Tickets are priced at £7 adult/£5 concessions, available
from Vic Bar, GSA shop in the Macintosh building and Ticket Scotland – Shows are at 7pm and 9pm both evenings.