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No one wears a hat anymore!!

I feel like Joanna Mastroianni got a bit a mixed review at New York Fashion Week… overall I thought the collection was fairly strong… the hook line and sinker for me though had to be her use of some old skool retro hats!

Joanna Mastroianni New York Fashion Week]
Isn’t this the friggin coolest outfit ever! Sooo glamarama!

Joanna Mastroianni New York Fashion Week
This one maybe not so much, but the 40’s glamour is still there!

Last year I invested heavily in the beret, sequinned, wool, chunky knit and the like in an array of colours. This year I feel like being a bit more courageous, I really like the following styles;
Helene Berman Wool Mix Bow Hat
Chapeau Claudette Hat

I’m maybe going a bit too much on the bow front, but heck they are supposed to be big this winter!

The main thing I would personally say about wearing such a “themed” hat would be to pair it with quite a plain outfit, or if anything go in subtly! I think the top hat would look super cute with a wee duffle coat and wee pumps!


The grunge look, so wrong it is right!

Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal

I am big believer in if it looks kinda wrong then it is usually soooooo right, anyone else out there like that? Well I feel this way about supermodel Alice Dellal. When I first saw her I thought she was far too weird and too 80s for my liking, but slowly over time I have really started to like her, in fact I have developed a mild obsession with her! Only joking, no need for a restraining order!

I think that it would very difficult to copy her look as it is very individual, but funnily enough it reminds me of the way my brother used to dress (bar the fish net tights and denim cut offs) in the early 90’s when he was going through a major Kurt Cobain phase. If I remember correctly Doc Martins, a plaid shirt and a leather jacket were the done thing; maybe a little plaid dress (as seen in the window of Topshop this past weekend) paired with some Doc’s, fishnets, and a cute leather cropped jacket would be a nice girly variation of this look…