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Girl of the moment… Katy Perry.

I wasn’t too sure about Katy Perry initially but I think that I have definatley warmed to her, she is super cute and has a courageous dress sense!

Katy Perry DG party Here she is rocking it out at a party hosted by D&G’, wearing of course D&G!

Isn’t she a betty! A kinda mix between Lilly Allen and Dita Von Teese! I really like her individuality, and for anyone who really admires Dita’s look but doesn’t want to do overboard I think Katy is the perfect example!

She wears a nice mix of vintage clothing, designer rags and high street, which I think could be highly achievable!

Check out Lulu & Red, ASOS and Topshop for playsuits and retro dresses. Don’t be afraid to experiment, go for mega glam 50’s hair with a cute flirty dress one day. Katy seems to be a big fan of corsages, but don’t pay over the odds for one on the high street- nip down to your local garden center and craft one yourself! Make sure you show off your womanly shape, nip in your waist with a colour belt or silk scarf! If you aren’t confident wearing short playsuits then I would recommend sticking on a pair of bright tights, have fun when your dressing, liven things up with a bit of colour I say!

Top image courtesy of Vogue


So many awards so little time…

Jeezo there has been a lot of red carpet lovin this weekend!

Starting with MTV VMA, here’s some of my fav’s.

Christina Aguilera
It has been a long time since Christina has graced the red carpet… she’s been off making babies, and she is deffo a milf… but I am not really like the fringe or the morticia eyes. I preferred the 50’s pin up Christina better!

Katie Perry Miley Cyrus
OK I think Katy Perry is the one who sang about kissing girls. Anyways kissing girls or not, hats off at her courageous outfit! It kinda works in a burlesque way but then really doesn’t in the fact that I think her shoes clash and the pattern on the basque looks wrong. Wee Miley Cyrus looks dapper too.

Rihanna Mtv music awards
Is it just me or does Rihanna look like a X-Men character or something! Lol! Maybe its the streak of blonde in her hair or the Wonderwoman like pose… I like the outfit, a bit bland for Rihanna though.

Britney at MTV Video Music Awards
Woo Hoo! Our pop princess is back! Britters looks just like she did pre-mental meltdown. I’m not too fussed on the dress, it’s kinda a typical Britney number but good to see the gals looking a bit more sane!

Image source: Fab Sugar and Shiny Style