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Lovin her style!

Doesn’t Roisin Murphy look fab!?

Roisin Murphy nautical outfit

Taking the nautical look into winter Roisin Murphy looks as cute as pie in her white skinnies and nautical inspired jacket!

I’m not too sure how practical all that white would be but to copy the look I would recommend a smart navy trench coat like this Ralph Lauren number I spotted on Ebay. (not too sure about the dodgy wallpaper mind!)
Ralph Lauren Trench Coat

Designer lovers will also notice her fabbo bag! If you got major cash to burn I think a wee quilted Chanel chain bag look dapper! Yum Yum!


The Olympic Outfits… who did it better?

Great Britain Olympic Outift by Tom Browne

Great Britain Team at the Olympic Ceremony in Beijing

USA Olympic team fashion by Ralph Lauren

US Team at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Beijing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past weekend you will know that the Olympics have started… now I know everyone is interested in whose winning what but I am more interested in whose wearing what…

The Great Britain team looked very preppy in outfits designed by Tom Browne of Lee Cooper Jeans. Everyone was decked out in cream blazers with navy skirts/trousers.
The Ralph Lauren outfits for the US team again looked a bit preppy, but more in a Legends of Bagger Vance kinda way… not too sure if I like the hats and the matchy matchy of it all. I wouldn’t have hurt to put the girls in some cute skirts. But overall I think they look pretty dapper; I quite like their little scarves too!