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SATC Dvd launch!

sex adn the city dvd launch sarah jessica parker

Woo Hoo! one last chance for me to go on and on about Sex and the City!! As you no doubt already know, the Sex and the City Movie is released today and to celebrate they threw a party! Woo Hoo!

I sooooo love SJP’s outfit!! More so than any of the outfits she wore to the premiers! I love her new fringe and those shoes! I could have done without Kim Cattrals velvet suit… the velvet and the visible bra is all a bit yuk! Just something isn’t right about it all! I really like Cynthia Nixons outfit, the colour really flatters her skin tone but the bag could have been a bit more wow!

One question though…. where’s Kristen Davis??


Sex and the City

Well this is the first chance I have had to comment on the Sex and the City World Premier because I was straight out the door and at the cinema to see it for myself….

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Sex and the City Berlin Premier

The girls said Guten Tag to Berlin yesterday for the German branch of their premier tour.

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